where i've been

oh, dear! it has certainly been a while. boatloads of apologies for the unannounced hiatus. i accepted an awesome, short term opportunity with Refinery29 LA and have been wrapped up in that goodness the last couple of months. i'm so excited to share some snaps from a piece i penned that i'm so very proud of (woah, alliteration overload) — it was a home visit, recipe story, and interview with LA-based photographer/art director/instagram whiz Lani Trock of Bunch Mag, with gorgeous photos snapped by the inimitable Jessie Webster of Sweet Thing Blog. have a peek, and forgive me for my bad blogger behavior! stay tuned for big changes around these parts ;)

ps// read the full Refinery29 story for interview and recipes here.

top 3: photos taken by me, from my Instragram feed.
bottom 3: photos by Jessie Webster for R29.


Simple Sophie said...

all these photos are gorgeous, hope you enjoyed your little adventure away from blogging! ox

Paige Joost said...

what ever is happening with that food situation up there looks yum. lovely photography!