# need spring visions

you guys, it's spring. well, it's been spring for a bit, but the flowers? they are a-bloomin' in Los Angeles right now.  I have to stop myself from plucking handfuls on my walks home just about every day. my apartment is not very big. it can get to be a little much. plus, live & let live, right? (is it weird that I feel guilty picking flowers sometimes? I feel like it's a death sentence... oh boy). richmond, virgina-based need supply co. is hosting a lovely lil pinterest contest to inaugurate this, the dreamiest of seasons (sigh).  you should probably have a go! the winner takes home a pretty penny worth of magical goodness (and there are second and third prizes, too, hiphip!). read the full rules here! and see the sources for the above spring-inspired images on my entry board.


Joakim Arver said...

Yes the spring is finally here!

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Gabrialla Weber said...

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Sarah French said...

Yaaaaay roll on Summer time. Loving the Spring ideas, those shoes are sooooo cute. Keeo up the great work sweetie, I love your blog xx


Tanjina hasib said...

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